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Friday, 10 January 2014


8 Weird Things Which Removes The Stains

8 Weird Things Which Removes The Stains

Artificial sweetener

The use of artificial sweetener powder will immediately to blot the oily stain.


Soak the ink stains affected garment in milk overnight and this removes stains next day.


To remove the ring around the collar use hair shampoo which will works as a detergent.

Hair spray

Squirt the stain of ball point pen on your new white shirt with hair spray and the spray will remove the stain easily.


Toothpaste will also help you to remove the stain of a pen.


Tear out the doughy center of white bread which removes the stains of lipstick marks.

Shaving cream

To remove the tomato sauce use the non gel shaving cream.


Soak the bloodstains infected cloth overnight in cola and removes it.


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